User-Editable Websites

Wouldn't it be great to have a website in which you can post new articles, add photos, and update information, just as if it were a Word document?

Cognition can provide your small company, corporate department, or community group with a custom website in which you can edit each web page directly, on-the-fly.  Your website will look exactly the way you want, when you want.  Your organization's image will allow you to compete with the rest. 

Our solution gives you entry into the web marketplace that is affordable for your organization.  As your needs grow or change, we can assist you with custom modules or tailoring services. And we will manage the hosting services relationship at a minimum cost so that you can enjoy the benefits of a secure and high-performance website.

We are experts in customizing and providing open-source software so you pay no software licensing fees.  Most of our services will be provided on the front-end -- you won't have to call on us every single month.  But we'll be on hand to offer you technical support so that your staff can make your website a success.

We'll work with you to determine the look and feel that suits your company image.  Then we will implement the common features that you desire, such as blog, message boards, photos, and much more.  We'll handle the initial technical installation, domain setup, email services, and all other considerations.

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